June 28, 2009

Earring - Little *Alani

Alani - Origin from Hawaii..

Alani* means Orange or Orange tree ... ^^

Item No [ E032]

Materials [Coral bead, Onyx Green bead + pewter bead]

Found her owner, thankyou!

Hope you like it!

with love,

Especially for Book Lovers!!

No doubt this is definitely good news for book lovers...

Guess what? I’ve found something very interesting lately!

**A BOOKMARK!!! Don’t u get exciting now? ^^

Ok, let’s take a snack preview...

Item No [Bmark 001]

Item No [Bmark 002]

Item No [Bmark 003]

Ya, they’ve found their owner but…

don’t get upset coz I’m going to make lots more!!

Don't go away & just stay with me, ok.. ? CHEERS ^^

Happy reading!!
with love,

June 18, 2009

Earrings *The Oriental

Item No. [E031]

[Fan + Shoe Charms, bow with Swarovski bicone + Czech beads]

Found her owner, thankyou!

Thanks for visiting & see yar sooon!

June 11, 2009

Special Order [Justina]

Earrings requested by *Justina

Item No. [E028]

Item No. [E029]

Item No. [E030]

I feel sooo glad that you love them...
thanks & enjoy your very own piece yar!

- ALLkinds -

June 9, 2009

[蝶]*:: Butterfly

Yes, i love butterfly.
and i think, these 2 are pretty good.. *lovely!

Item No. [E027]

[Butterfly charms, glass beads, japan seed beads]

Found her owner, thankyou!

Item No. [E026]

[Butterfly charms, limited edition *vintage rose* Czech fire polish glass beads, rose quartz stone, glass beads]

Found her owner, thankyou!

happy always,

Rose, Rose.. I love you

Item No. [E025]
Materials [Polymer clay rose beads, leaf/flower charms]
Dark purple roses - Found her owner, thankyou!
Pink roses - Found her owner, thankyou!

I like this design, i hope you'll like it too!
More upcoming earrings!! see yar sooon~


June 7, 2009

Be my Valentine!

OOuu.. i love this piece sooo much... Simply gorgeous!
Perfect for everyday wear!

Item No. [N005]

Materials [Swarovski crystal, Czech fire polish glass bead, clover charm]

Found her owner!

P/S : Just drop me an email if you wish to bring it home! ^^

with luv,

June 6, 2009

Touch of Nature

My first ever bronze colour bracelet! Cheers~~ ^^

Item No. [B005]

[Antique bronze chain, gold plated toggle, Czech faux pearl glass beads, leaf charms, antique gold pewter beads]

Found her owner, thankyou!

See yar soooon!

Earring - The Wedding Bliss

Umm, yeah.. She found her owner before she got the chance to publish here..^^ Guess what? I was surprise that her owner seldom wear *RED* when it comes to earrings!

Now, I'm very glad + honor and feel happy for her first try!
Really hope you’ll enjoy it!! ^^

Item No. [E024]

[3D White shoe charm, Czech fire polish glass beads, pewter spacer]

Found her owner, thankyou!

with love,

Earring - Summer of LOVE!

These lovelies were created using *limited edition* of Vintage Rose Czech fire polish glass beads.
Very light and definitely perfect with jeans or a night out!

Item No. [E023]

[Rose gold earring hook, Czech fire polish glass beads, Rhinestone rondelle beads - Silver plated with Swarovski crystals]

Found her owner!

See yar soooon!!

June 2, 2009

Love you MORE!

Very simple yet Elegant.
.. i love this piece .. love its colours ..
ok.. leave me dreaming of romance, love...

Item No. [E022]
[Czech fire polish glass beads,vintage jade gemstones,leaves charms]
Price [RM12.00] Available
See yar sooooon!

Lil' Devil earrings

Item No. [E020]
Materials [Glass beads, leaf charm]
Price [RM8.00] Found her owner, thankyou!

Item No. [E021]
Materials [Glass Beads, mask charms]
Price [RM12.00] Found her owner, thankyou!

No doubt, I love these 2pairs!!
Black + Red, always my favourite!
Well, to the owners... hope you gals enjoy wearing them! Cheers~~