May 31, 2009


Dear Riko,

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! - May 19

Thanks for your support & i'm happy that you like my pressie! ^^

Item No [E018]

Smile always, k? ^^



Over the Rainbow

Yup, not earrings.
Ya.. i noticed that. I spend too much time on earrings. ^^
So ladies, is BRACELET showtime! Hope you like it!

Item No [B004]

Materials [Swarovski Heart shape + Horse charm]

Price [RM22.00] Available

P/S : More upcoming bracelets!!

See yar!


May 30, 2009

Sahara Earrings

Here come the SAHARA earrings!
Perfect for a night out on the town - ENJOY!!

Item No. [E019]

[Swarovski crystal + pearls, czech firepolish glass beads, glass beads]

Price [RM15.90] Found her owner! Thank you.

love from SAHARA,

May 22, 2009

Adorable Earrings - with shoe charms!

Hey there!

Yea.. i posted *Cinderella* Shoe Charms earring before, right?

And.. it has been reserved. Now.. ONLY 2pairs left!

Item Code [E016]
Made with [White - gold base *3D Slingback Shoe with Rhinestones,
czech fire polish glass beads, gold colour pewter spacer]
Price [RM19.90] Found her owner, Thankyou!

Item Code [E017]
Made with [White - gold base *3D Slingback Shoe with Rhinestones,*3D Babby-Bip with Rhinestones, mother-of-pearls dyed rondelle beads]
Price [RM19.90] Found her owner, Thankyou!

So, if you are looking for shoe charms .. and *coincidentally* love my piece.. hehe.. you know what to do, don’t yar? ^^

see yar soon! ciao~

May 21, 2009

Sweet Romance

... from workdays to casual weekends..
A petite that is sweet and lovely!

Item No. [E015]

Materials [Polymer clay flowers with Czech genuine pearls]

Price [RM10.00] Found her owner, thankyou!

see yar sooon, ciao!

May 20, 2009

LoVE :: CLover :: SunFLower

These earrings are made from czech beads with charms.
Hope you like it! ^^
[E012] **Love**
[E013] **Clover**
[E014] **Sunflower**
Price : RM6.00/pairs

Hard to decide? (Say yesss plsss..)
ok.. Why not...

3 pairs for RM15.00!

Simple. Juz drop me an email @

with love, ciao!

Viva Viore!

This pair of earrings are very light and .... stylish! (Say YES plsss....) ha!

Okok, I personally think it would look great worn with black, white, grey, blue.. and purple too. Try it! ^^

Item No. [E011]

Materials [leaves charms, czech beads]

Found her owner, thankyou!

P/S : Ou.. dun ask me wat is *Viore*coz, i simply named it! Violet-Viore?!


Just for Shanna

Item No. [E009] & [E010]


I'm happy dat you love them!
and .. thanks for da support too!! sooooo sweeet of you! ^^

with *HUUUGS*

May 14, 2009

White Rose

Wow.. I don't know why, but I've been in a flower making mood recently! I'm serious! And, I just can't wait to upload this piece!

*LOVE the rose in white!

*LOVE the little dragonfly!

*LOVE* E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G in here!

Item No.[N004]

Materials :[White rose polymer clay flower, dragonfly charm, rose quartz, czech beads, glass bead]

Price [RM 29.90] Found her owner, Thankyou!

P/S : A reminder, drop me an email if u wish to bring it home yar!

Happy always,


May 10, 2009

Something SWEET

... i couldn't have another word for this piece.

and .. I love it!! Yup yup, simplicity is beauty, agree?

Don't be shy if your ears will be the centre of attention! wa.. ceh~~~ ^^

Item No [E008]

Materials :[Tear drop Swarovski crystal + Polymer Clay Flowers]:

Price [RM20.00] Available

P/S : Honestly, i really hope you'll like it too! (smile)

May 6, 2009

White Flip Flops Earrings!

High heels are a girl's best friend! - ALWAYS

but.. don't forget the flip-flops too!!

I've got ONLY one here! So, make sure you grab it fast!! ^^

Item No. [E007]

Materials :[White sandal + rhinestones charms, polymer clay flowers]:

Price [RM 17.90] Found her owner, thankyou! ^^

Gone Fishing

Uwaaahh, look what I have today for our dinner!

I caught a F.I.S.H!!! Yo Yo.. not bad ne~~ ^^

It’s still fresh and yummmy!! Now, how are we going to cook it..?
Umm… Tom Yam steam fish? .. How about BBQ? ^^

But, wait a minute. Where is my icebox??!
Urrghh.. I better keep it…. SAFE!


Ok ok.. I’m too much with my own imagination … ^^
Back to reality!! Here you go:-

Item No. [B003]

Materials [pewter fish + shell charms, czech beads]

Price [RM18.00] Found her owner, thankyou!

P/S : Hmm.. I really did not realize it till my the other half kind of *reminding me* by asking me : WHAT is this? .. a BRACELET, I said.

ALLkinds : . . . . . (-__-)

May 5, 2009

Icy Blue

Errmm.. a bracelet? Yeah....

Of coz NOOOooo..!! come closer and have a look again! Is a trio earring!!

So, why is it in 3 different design? Well, I guess we don’t have to wear the same design pair of earrings all the time. So, let’s cheer up! Why don’t we play around with what we have? Now, you have 3 in a row!

Okok, I admit it.. This creation is really really simple.. and.. I am weird, I know. *evil grins* But, who noe.. you, your sisters, your cousins, your frens would like it?! Ceh~~~ ahahha (yup, yup.. no harm trying !!) ^^

Item No. [E005]

Materials :[3 different leaves charms + light blue colour glass beads]:

Price :[RM16.00] Found her owner! Thankyou.

P/S : Hey, serious. I am totally in love with this blue! can't wait to create a bracelet/necklace to match with it!!^^

**Happy Always*


Dragonfly Charm Earrings

I’ve been searching upside down for a dragonfly charm...
it took me such a long long time! Whew~~ But very worth it!!

See.. now they look sooo cute and absolutely perfect for my earrings!!

A clearer view... *lurve lurve* it!! ^^

Item No. [E004]

Materials [Dragonfly charms, Mixed tear drop glass beads]

Price [RM15.00] Found her owner, thankyou!

Again.. drop me an email at if you wish to bring it home! ^^