July 22, 2010

Mini Turtle ::||

Item No [Bmark 044] * Mini Turtle

Materials [Turtle charms, LoVE charm, shell bead + Glass beads]

Found her owner, thankyou!


July 19, 2010

Little Teapot ::||

Item No [N047] * Little Teapot

Materials [3D Teapot pendant, Red ribbon +
antique bronze colour necklace]

Measurement [85cm long]

Found her owner, thankyou! (x3)

LoVE it!

Good nite, my friends.

- Akoe -

Blah Blah WHite Sheep ::||

I like my new collections! =)

How about you?

Good nite,

[Kawaii. CUTE] ring collections ::||

Item No [R004] * Owl - Reserved

Item No [R005] * Cola - Sold

Item No [R006] Cookie - Sold

Item No [R007] * Strawberry

Item No [R008] * Light pink school bus - Sold

Item No [R009] * LoVE - Sold

Item No [R010] * Ice cream - Sold

Item No [R011] * Blue Bear - Sold

Item No [R012] * Pinky Car - Sold

Item No [R013] * Cake

Item No [R014] * LoVE Bite - Sold

Item No [R015] * Yellow School Bus - Sold

Item No [R016] * Sweet cupcake

Item No [R017] * Smiling Bear - Sold

Item No [R018] * Pinky school bus - Sold

Price [ Adjustable ring @ RM10.00 per piece]


July 17, 2010


Dear all,

My sincere apology that I'm not able to join this weekend
C+C Creative Market @ Times Square due to some unforeseen circumtances.

However, it would be great if you could drop by and support this meaningful event.

Thanks for support and god bless!


July 15, 2010

Kawaii. CUTE

Stay tuned . . .

P/S : Only one (1) pc available for each design . . =)
Hope you'll like it!

LoVE kawaii,


July 12, 2010

Sweet Talk ::||

Item No [E120] *

Materials [Bird beads, tree charms, swarovski bicone + korean crystal]

Found her owner, thankyou!

- Akoe -

July 7, 2010

Love for fashion ::||

Item No [Accessories 1] *Love for fashion

Materials [Charms - Hanger, dress, eiffel tower, high heel +
gunmetal colour chain]

Found her owner, thankyou!

Akoe. Ai