October 28, 2009

Dreaming in :: pAris ::

Item No [B017] * Dreaming in Paris

Materials [Charms : Paris Eiffel Tower, Shoes, Follow your dreams +
Swarovski Crystal Pearls, Korean crystals, spacer beads, flower toggle]
Measurement [Approx. 18.5cm]

Found her owner, thankyou!

P/S :
Paris is the dream of many people..
ALLkinds wish your dreams come true..!

LoVE + Good Nite,

October 27, 2009

The Secret Love

Item No. [B016] * The Secret Love

Materials [Charms - Treasure box, flower bouquet + Flower toggle,
Korean crystal, glass beads and spacer beads]

Measurement [Approx. 18.5cm]

Found her owner, thankyou!

P/S : Made with love.
Hey ladies, enjoy our love.. live up our life!


Jennifer's Body

Item No [B015] * Jennifer's Body

Materials [Charms : Red Dress, Pirate, Mask, Symbol +
Korean crystal & spacer beads]

Measurement [Approx. 18.5cm]
Found her owner, thankyou!

happy day,

October 25, 2009

Fun & Funky SET

----- Bracelet * Item No. [B014] -----
Materials [Red Coral & Howlite chip beads, Hat charm + spacer beads]
Price [RM15.00]
----- Earrings * Item No [E086] -----
Materials [Red Coral & Howlite chip beads, Hat charms, flower charms]
Price [RM12.90]

Now @ [RM25.00/set] Available

Can't wait for a super FUN holidays!

see yar soon..

October 19, 2009

LoVE Shape ♥ [KEYchains]

Item No [K001 * Pink]

Item No [K002 * Green]
Item No [K003 * Blue]

Materials [LoVE keychain, Korean crystals, Dream charms + flower beads]

Price [RM10.00/each]
Pink *Found her owner, thankyou!
Green * Found her owner, thankyou!

Hope you'll like it.


October 18, 2009

Cupid LOVE :: [恋愛の神様]

Item No [B013]

Materials [Cupid charms, glass beads, round spacer]

Found her owner, thankyou!

Happy day,

October 17, 2009

Dragonfly in *[RED]

Item No. [B012]

Materials [Korean Crystal, Dragonfly charms, S shape round toggle]

Price [RM25.00] Available

sweet dream gals..

October 14, 2009

Beach charms :: Bracelet

Item No [B011]

Materials [Turtle charms, Seahorses charms, Shell charms
+ various Korean crystals]

Found her owner, thankyou!

P/S : Did you see that? This bracelet has 3pairs of lovely couple!
~ sooo much love ^^ (i luv 2nd pic the most!)

Enjoy browsing & hope to see u again - sooooon!

Good nite,

October 12, 2009

Mystery ME * Bracelet

Item No [B010]

Materials [Turquoise Gemstones, Antique pewter high heels charms,
Opalite round glass beads, Gold plated colour toggle,
Antique pewter flower beads, clay flower handmade by ALLkinds]

Found her owner, thankyou!

P/S : I love this pic! Ya, someone said it looks mystery. Well, i agreed.

Good nite, everyone!

Lovely Couple!

Here come the couple.. ..

Ya, a pair of lovely couple..

And yes, I'm sure..

They treasure each other. As Always.

with luv,

October 2, 2009

Lil* Desert Rose

Item No [E085]

Materials [Antique bronze Rose beads + Czech Fire Polish glass beads]

Found her owner, thankyou!

Thanks for coming...

***((( Happy Mooncake Festival )))***

Happy Friday!