April 26, 2009


Hi everyone! Welcome and A BIG THANK YOU for visiting my blog.

I thought of naming this site as ::[ALLkinds of Everything]:: because of... I just love it! Yeah, simple. ^^

Since young, I love all sorts of accessories, especially always love one-of-a-kind pieces stuffs. And I absolutely think this year, 2009 would be a great year for me as I turned to creating my own pieces! Yeah, I decided to open this blog, ::[ALLkinds of Everything]:: as an online jewelries business, just to challenge myself... and to give it a try!

- with ALL the loves & support given by my family & friends ~ CHEERS!!

From now onwards, I really wish to do something really unique and hope to share them with YOU ALL, the others accessories lovers out there! And well, I'm trying to source and use all imported materials around the world for my handmade stuffs. Therefore, currently I'm a bit busy in the process of gather them together, so please do come back again and check the site more often yar! And.. NO worries, I'll try to keep the prices LOWww... ^^

Dear ALLkinds's reader, each piece of::[ALLkinds of Everything]:: creations is designed and handmade by me, with lots of LOVE. Hence, I really hope with my little hardwork could bring you a little happiness everytime you wear them on (S.M.I.L.E) Once again, I am glad you came by and hope you appreciate your visit here!


with *HUUUUGS**

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