May 6, 2009

Gone Fishing

Uwaaahh, look what I have today for our dinner!

I caught a F.I.S.H!!! Yo Yo.. not bad ne~~ ^^

It’s still fresh and yummmy!! Now, how are we going to cook it..?
Umm… Tom Yam steam fish? .. How about BBQ? ^^

But, wait a minute. Where is my icebox??!
Urrghh.. I better keep it…. SAFE!


Ok ok.. I’m too much with my own imagination … ^^
Back to reality!! Here you go:-

Item No. [B003]

Materials [pewter fish + shell charms, czech beads]

Price [RM18.00] Found her owner, thankyou!

P/S : Hmm.. I really did not realize it till my the other half kind of *reminding me* by asking me : WHAT is this? .. a BRACELET, I said.

ALLkinds : . . . . . (-__-)

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