May 5, 2009

Icy Blue

Errmm.. a bracelet? Yeah....

Of coz NOOOooo..!! come closer and have a look again! Is a trio earring!!

So, why is it in 3 different design? Well, I guess we don’t have to wear the same design pair of earrings all the time. So, let’s cheer up! Why don’t we play around with what we have? Now, you have 3 in a row!

Okok, I admit it.. This creation is really really simple.. and.. I am weird, I know. *evil grins* But, who noe.. you, your sisters, your cousins, your frens would like it?! Ceh~~~ ahahha (yup, yup.. no harm trying !!) ^^

Item No. [E005]

Materials :[3 different leaves charms + light blue colour glass beads]:

Price :[RM16.00] Found her owner! Thankyou.

P/S : Hey, serious. I am totally in love with this blue! can't wait to create a bracelet/necklace to match with it!!^^

**Happy Always*


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